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Tickets (216) 241-6000  •  Subscriptions (216) 640-8869 

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Spotlight: Our Actors

There are so many artists that make a production come together at Great Lakes Theater. This week we are focusing on our actors. Our tremendously versatile actors consistently tackle a wide array of genres from Shakespeare to musicals to thrillers and everything in between with the highest level of talent, diligence and passion you can find.

Check out production photos from over the years, messages from our acting company and a behind-the-scenes look at what they do OFF stage!

Picture Perfect


Love's Labour's Lost - 2016

Eight men falling on train3

The Music Man - 2019


My Fair Lady - 2016


The Taming of the Shrew - 2019


Hamlet - 2017


Million Dollar Quartet - 2019


A Christmas Carol - 2018


The Mousetrap - 2012


Pride and Prejudice - 2018


Much Ado About Nothing - 2013


Othello - 2010


Macbeth - 2018


And Then There Were None - 2016


Les Misérables - 2014

This is just a sampling of some of our favorite production pictures. 
Click here to see all of the pictures in our digital production photo library.

What are you looking forward to most once the theater is open again?

"HUGS. My very first thought is just being able to be in a room with all the people I love working with and however safely, give hugs. To see smiles and/or smiling eyes, crack jokes and LAUGH! When we can all laugh together, uproariously...That just about brings tears to my eyes."
Jessie Cope Miller
"Walking to the theater... strolling past ‘the Jake‘ under the chandelier to the Hanna...listening to the audience filing in... delivering the quality performances we are known for...taking our bows and grabbing a pint at Parnell’s."
M.A. Taylor
“I think what I’m most excited for is being able to be in the presence of people- being in the same space sharing an experience together.”
Lynn Robert Berg

Getting to know you...

Ever wonder what interests, hobbies or talents our actors have outside of the theater? Our actors have shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their offstage talents, along with some tips and tricks you can use yourself! 

Laura Welsh Berg | Outdoor Enthusiast


What does one do when two of one’s jobs disappear in a day, and the other goes on hiatus? Find a new hobby: that’s what!

"This blessed plot, this earth, this realm..."- Richard II

When Kacey (GLT's Marketing & Communications Manager) reached out about this, in all honesty, the gardening topic was HER idea. I am throwing her under the bus on this one. Yes, I had posted pictures of my limited successes on social media: but since then my ‘green thumb’ has proven to be successful maybe 50% of the time. And my gardening ‘tips’ are for NEWBIES. Definitely newbies. So here are the four things I learned as a completely inexperienced gardener who discovered YouTube a little too late in the game: Click here to get all of Laura's NEWBIE gardening tips!


Lynn Robert Berg | Culinary Master 

I came from a family that valued cooking. My father cooked as a hobby- he would collect cookbooks on French and Italian cuisine, study them, and just start trying to work through them and cut his teeth by doing. My mother on the other hand, could open her refrigerator, see what she had on hand, and put something together. Food was a treasured thing in my family. As they were full time educators working long weekday hours, the weekends were saved for major cooking projects: Friday through Sunday we knew we were in for some kind of culinary adventure.

I came to cooking my first year of graduate school- I was homesick and missing some favorite dishes, comfort food. My first attempts were lousy: I couldn’t get seasoning right, my timing was off, and I was stressed out. Honestly, 20 years later, I don’t even know how I took care of myself. But I kept at it, partially to get better at it, partially to impress dates...long story short, it’s probably the skill set that I value the most. 

I’m not a chef. I’m an amateur cook at best, but I take pride in being able to create things that give actual, honest to God sustenance, that make people happy- something to savor, to stop and take a moment to appreciate something special, made just for them.


Follow my Instagram @drbergsan for more of my food adventures.

Here are five of my dishes from the last year, plus a recipe for one: Cartwheel Pasta, my mother’s recipe, first made for me as a kid, and the first meal I ever (properly) prepared. 


Grilled NY Strip, Grilled Lobster Tail, Sautéed Baby Bellas, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Mashed Potatoes


Roasted Potato Leak Soup


Sticky BBQ Chicken Thighs


Xizor Salad with Parmesan crisps


Oven Roasted Salmon with Angel Hair Aglio Olio and Rocket Salad

Aled Davies - Bibliophile


In these past months, I have been able to reacquaint myself with several old and dear friends - some of my favorite books that have long gone unopened on my bookshelves. I have discovered that I love them as much as ever if not more. All are fiction - though I am looking forward to getting Shadowplay by James O'Connor from my local library. This is a strong recommendation from Tom Ford about the inspiration of Dracula stemming from luminaries in the late Victorian theatre.

Click Here to get Aled Davies recommended reading list!

M.A. Taylor - Baked Goods Innovator


<--- Check out this video tutorial (plus story!) for one of M.A.'s most unique and delicious recipes!

Check out even more production pics!

  "Cabaret" - 2011 | Featured actors: Jodi Dominick* and Eduardo Placer* (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "Twelfth Night" - 2009 | Featured Actors: Sara Bruner* and Jonas Cohen*. *Member Actors Equity (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "Witness for the Prosecution" - 2019 | Featured Actor: Taha Madviwala* (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" - 2017 | Ensemble (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "Othello" - 2010 | Featured Actor: David Alan Anderson* (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "As You Like It" - 2014 | Featured Actors: Dustin Tucker*, Betsy Mugavero*, and Aled Davies*. *Member Actors Equity (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "Mamma Mia" - 2018 | Ensemble (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - 2017 | Ensemble (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "The Complete Works of WillIam Shakespeare (Abridged)" - 2004 | Featured Actors: Lynn Robert Berg*, Jeffrey C. Hawkins*, and M.A. Taylor*. *Member Actors Equity (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "Bat Boy: The Musical" - 2010 | Ensemble (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "The Taming of the Shrew" - 2018 | Featured Actor: Jessika Williams (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "Romeo & Juliet" - 2012 | Featured Actors: Betsy Mugavero* and Christian Durso*. (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - 2010 | Featured Actors: Eduardo Placer* and M.A. Taylor* (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "King Lear" - 2015 | Featured Actors: Aled Davies* and Robyn Cohen*. (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "Beehive - The '60s Musical" - 2018 | Ensemble (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "Les Miserables" - 2014 | Featured Actors: Stephan Mitchell Brown*, Jodi Dominick*, and Clare Howes Eisentrout*. (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - 2017 | Featured Actors: Alex Syiek*, Aled Davies*, David Anthony Smith*, Tom Ford* and Mack Shirilla* (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "Twelfth Night" - 2016 | Featured Actors: Christine Weber* and M.A. Taylor. (Photo by Ken Blaze) *Member Actors' Equity

  "Blithe Spirit" - 2013 | Featured Actors: Eric Damon Smith* and Maggie Kettering* (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "Julius Caesar" - 2019 | Featured Actor: Carole Healey* (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "The Secret Garden" - 2015 | Ensemble (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

  "The Winter's Tale" - 2012 | Featured Actors: Lisa Bruneau*, David Anthony Smith* and Kimbre Lancaster* (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "Sweeney Todd" - 2013 | Featured Actors: Chris Cowan* and Sara Bruner* (Photo by Roger Mastroianni) *Member Actors' Equity

  "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" - 2009 | Ensemble (Photo by Roger Mastroianni)

This is just a sampling of some of our favorite production pictures. 
Click here to see all of the pictures in our digital production photo library.

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