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The Hanna Theatre Experience

The Hanna Theatre: Dynamic, Vibrant and Interactive

Great Lakes Theater's new home at the Hanna Theatre is designed to be dynamic, vibrant and interactive. In the new Hanna, all of the evening's activity occurs in a single unified space. This single environment offers a variety of seating options and social interaction opportunities that encourage audience engagement with one another and with the art form, while simultaneously enabling each visitor to self-define their experience at the theater.

The Hanna Theatre
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The new Hanna Theatre design is:

  • Engaging & Inviting

    The re-imagined Hanna Theatre's new thrust theater orientation, one in which the audience is seated on three sides of the actors' playing area, creates a unique experience for our region where audiences are effectively seated in the same room as the performers.

  • Intimate & Customizable

    The new Hanna Theatre's 550-seat thrust configuration affords its audiences an exciting and uniquely intimate theater experience. The furthest seat from the stage is twelve rows. Patrons select from a variety of seating opportunities ranging from traditional theater seats and club chairs to banquettes and private box seating. See the complete list of seating options.

  • Interactive

    The design of the space encourages social and cultural interaction from the street to the stage, from pre-show cocktails to post-show conversation – in a single unified environment.

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Arrive early!

  • Make the most of your theater experience in the new Hanna Theatre!

    Did you know that the Hanna Theatre, and its bar and lounge, is open ninety minutes before and after each Great Lakes Theater performance? We invite you to join us and extend your visit. From start to finish, the Hanna experience is unlike any other in our region.

  • Before the Show: Catch a Glimpse!

    Arrive early, grab a drink and watch our artistic company prepare for the performance. Elements traditionally hidden from audiences such as stage combat rehearsals, dance calls, prop/scenic pre-sets, technical cue rehearsals and actor warm-ups are conducted in full view – offering audiences an extraordinary glimpse into the theatrical process.

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