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"Are We All Met?"

-A Midsummer Night's Dream III, i

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December 05, 2011 - 1 comment(s)

The 12 Days of (A) Christmas (Carol) - Backstage Favorites

On the seventh day of (A) Christmas (Carol)….
We chatted with the cast and crew!

We went backstage and asked the cast and crew of our 23rd annual production of A Christmas Carol about their favorite part of the show. The answers are priceless. Enjoy!

November 29, 2011 - leave a comment

The 12 Days of (a) Christmas (carol)- Technical Rehearsals

On the fifth day of (a) Christmas (carol)...
Technical Rehearsals

After 9 days in the rehearsal hall, it is time to move into the Ohio Theatre for technical rehearsals. The cast and crew came together over Thanksgiving weekend, for two 10 out of 12 days (meaning: 10 hours of rehearsal in a 12 hour day). Backstage, 19 members of the Great Lakes Theater run and wardrobe crews work together to make A Christmas Carol magical! The team incorporates all of the technical elements including trap doors, a flying clock, fog, snow, light up costumes and ‘Christmas Cheer’!  
Production Stage Manager, Corrie Purdum, and Assistant Stage Manager, Tim Kinzel, give the GO for 255 light and sound cues and an additional 100 cues for scene changes/special effects during every performance!

November 28, 2011 - leave a comment

Marley's Ghost

On average, it takes actor Lynn Robert Berg about 30 minutes to complete the layers of makeup that transform him from a handsome actor to a haunting ghost that has been dead for seven years! Berg has always had an interest in art, especially painting and he enjoys using his face as a canvas during every performance.

Berg is only onstage as Marley for 6 and a half minutes. But it takes him 4 times longer to apply his make-up. However, it's all worth it to hear the gasps from the audience when he makes his magical appearance from under the stage of the Ohio Theatre at PlayhouseSquare!

November 23, 2011 - 3 comment(s)

The 12 Days of (a) Christmas (carol)- Load In

On the fourth day of (a) Christmas (carol)...
Loading into the Ohio Theatre

The Great Lakes Theater Scene Shop Crew and the PlayhouseSquare IATSE Team spend 3 days loading in set pieces and focusing lights in the Ohio Theatre for A Christmas Carol. The crew of 30 unloads 3 trucks (including two 53-foot trailers) and transform the empty stage into a Victorian era Christmas in London! Even Santa (stagehand, Tom Boddy) pitched in by flying set pieces in and out during lighting focus!
Some of the set pieces have weathered the run of A Christmas Carol at GLT for 22 years!  Going into our 23rd season of the production, it was “time” to replace the large clock that is present throughout much of the show. Our carpenters and painter spent 3 weeks rebuilding, rigging and painting the new clock using the original design. This year, the tombstones also received a face lift! 
The GLT Costume Shop Ladies load the costumes into the theatre for technical rehearsals. With 25 actors in our production, there are over 70 “costume looks." That’s a lot of loads of laundry and dry cleaning!

November 22, 2011 - leave a comment

The 12 Days of (A) Christmas (Carol) - ooohhh the PUDDING!

On the third day of (a) Christmas (carol)....

Today we rehearsed one of the most heart warming scenes in A Christmas Carol!  The Cratchit Family Christmas dinner scene!
One of the Cratchit’s favorite dishes in their “extravagant” feast is the plum pudding!  Believe it or not - a plum pudding doesn’t contain a single bite of plum. Traditionally, the pudding is topped with cognac or brandy that is ignited before serving! But due to fire hazards in the theatre - our prop plum pudding is a mixture of foam and paint!
If you were celebrating Christmas at the home of Charles Dickens you may have found silver coins inside of pudding! They were baked into the batter to bring luck to those found them in their bite!! Although choking on them sounds like bad luck to us! 
The Cratchit Family actors, Antwaun Holley (Peter), Cameron Nelson (Sara), Jackson Daugherty (James) and Natalie Welch (Belinda) rehearse setting the table in preparation for Christmas dinner.
Dougfred Miller (Bob Cratchit), Ashley Coleman (Martha Cratchit), and Jodi Dominick (Mrs. Cratchit) join the family at the table for the prayer before the highly anticipated meal is served!

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