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"Are We All Met?"

-A Midsummer Night's Dream III, i

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November 22, 2011 - leave a comment

The 12 Days of (A) Christmas (Carol) - ooohhh the PUDDING!

On the third day of (a) Christmas (carol)....

Today we rehearsed one of the most heart warming scenes in A Christmas Carol!  The Cratchit Family Christmas dinner scene!
One of the Cratchit’s favorite dishes in their “extravagant” feast is the plum pudding!  Believe it or not - a plum pudding doesn’t contain a single bite of plum. Traditionally, the pudding is topped with cognac or brandy that is ignited before serving! But due to fire hazards in the theatre - our prop plum pudding is a mixture of foam and paint!
If you were celebrating Christmas at the home of Charles Dickens you may have found silver coins inside of pudding! They were baked into the batter to bring luck to those found them in their bite!! Although choking on them sounds like bad luck to us! 
The Cratchit Family actors, Antwaun Holley (Peter), Cameron Nelson (Sara), Jackson Daugherty (James) and Natalie Welch (Belinda) rehearse setting the table in preparation for Christmas dinner.
Dougfred Miller (Bob Cratchit), Ashley Coleman (Martha Cratchit), and Jodi Dominick (Mrs. Cratchit) join the family at the table for the prayer before the highly anticipated meal is served!

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