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New! Classics on Tour

We're hitting the road! Great Lakes Theater is thrilled to launch a new, professionally-produced touring production for elementary schools, designed to impart important social lessons and provide a memorable theatrical experience for your students. Connect your classroom to the classics by bringing this entertaining and educational adventure to your school!

Classics on Tour
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The Jabberwocky

Based on the classic poem by Lewis Carroll
By Dakotah Brown, Noah Moody and Chad Shohet

Recommended for Students in Kindergarten - Grade 5

Two students - Dodgson and Steve - band together after being bullied by classmates. To avoid their tormentors, the students follow a secret map and escape to the Tulgey Wood - where they meet a king who begs them to save his people from the fearsome Jabberwocky! Meet colorful characters like Cheshire Cat, JubJub Bird, Bandersnatch, and a family of Momeraths as this unlikely but dynamic duo journeys to save a kingdom. Along the way, they find the courage to defeat the Jabberwocky...and apply the lessons learned to face their fears back home.

How the School Performance Program Works

This exciting production, prepared to perform in a variety of spaces, is performed by a company of five professionals, runs approximately 50 minutes (one class period). The performance is fully staged with sets, costumes, music and puppets! A post-show Question and Answer session with the actors may be held, at no additional cost, after each performance. A comprehensive educator studyguide, including historical context, synopsis, classroom activities, and additional resources, will be available online in advance of our visit.

School Performance Tour Dates

February 21, 2017 - March 24, 2017
Tuesday - Friday (Morning or Afternoon)

School Performance Cost

(An additional $100 mileage stipend will be applied for schools beyond a 25-mile radius of downtown Cleveland. For schools beyond a 50-mile radius of downtown Cleveland, additional housing and per diem will apply.)

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